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Often we are contacted by donors who have items to give and want to ensure they end up where they are needed. Each volunteer that we work with helps to coordinates the donation items delivery. Volunteers can also assist with donation drop-offs when possible. Contact Us to see if your item is needed.


We are so fortunate the have the full support of the Chef Marco Barrila who donates his time to many local charities. His contributions along with local farms and member donations allow us to feed families during the holidays and throughout the year. All donations collected go towards food purchasing that is then cooked by chefs and volunteers and then packaged and delivered directly to the doors of those in need.


We are blessed with incredible Citizens 4 Humanity members who come together throughout the year to carry out our missions. We truly appreciate the talent and passion they bring to all areas of the program.

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Join us in the kitchen to help prepare and package gourmet meals for those in need. If this isn't rewarding enough, you can also learn how to cook! Chef Marco Barrila served on the board of jurors of the French Culinary Institute.


With outreach in multiple villages, we are always looking for coordinators. Call us to assist with our many tasks including matching families/ individuals with donors for items and packaging meals for distribution.


Our drivers are our lifelines. Our mission statement includes delivering donations directly to the doors of those in need. The drivers get to see our work come full circle. There is no experience that replaces this task!

Estate & Legacy

Donating an estate or legacy gift in your will to Citizens 4 Humanity is a great way to make a lasting impact in your community. You will help secure the future of Home Meal Deliveries and ensure that individuals, families and seniors get the nourishment and daily visit they need for years to come.

Furniture & House

Often times the families we serve have little or no personal belongings due to their circumstances. Or what they do have is very old and needs to be replaced. If you have items to donate, we will match this to a family or individual who needs it the most. When can also help collect and move.


Click the button below to feed and support one or more individuals or families. Working through the local community groups and schools, our focus is on families in crisis due to health situations or loss of job.

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