About Us

Our Mission

Our aim is to set local trends that allow citizens ways to take an increasing interest and participation in helping others in need. Contributions that help shape our behaviors culturally, environmentally and socially.

We are Citizens 4 Humanity.  Our members are comprised of a broad network of people from the local East End community who believe in “people helping people”. We have an attractive and challenging marketing proposition. We actively support causes for families that are making a positive and real difference in our society and touch people directly. We are not a large organization that hosts fancy events with donations that never reach the ones who need it the most. Our organization donates directly to our locals on a grass roots level. The Citizens 4 Humanity marquee communicates the cause that we are socially active with.

Citizens 4 Humanity is well served by a board of members who volunteer their time and services during social events to give back to their communities. It is our fundamental belief to be socially responsible. We help citizens overcome the challenge of finding the time to become involved in charities by offering engaging and worthy events.

This organization works on the common goals for both businesses and non-profits to bring them closer together.

We would like to thank all of our partners who put time and effort into creating inspiring social initiatives that make a difference and to our donors. They are our Citizens 4 Humanity.

Chef Marco Barrila

CoFounder & COO Chef Marco Barrila is an award winning master chef, caterer and restaurateur. He has spent a lifetime helping and serving others. In this capacity he has served on the board of multiple charitable causes that benefited from him feeding the people in need. After witnessing the amount of waste with businesses, farms and with individuals alike, Chef Barrila developed the Frugal Food Project, which has now relaunched as Citizens 4 Humanity. Chef Barrila has been feeding the locals of the East End for over 12 years and partners with other leaders to ensure that no family in our area goes hungry.

Sheila Barrila

CoFounder & Deputy Volunteer Sheila Minkel Barrila’s commitment to this cause stems from being raised in a single mom family of six. Sheila understands first hand the struggles of single parent families with meager means. With vast experience in management in the commercial real estate and catering/ event fields, Sheila is proficient in organizing the many parts necessary for this volunteer mission to succeed. Sheila works hard to engage others to participate in making the cause come to life.

April Jennings

Media/Public Event Liason April Minkel Jennings has a strong ambition of serving others. With a background in communications and marketing, April is an excellent facilitator of events that brings people together. She enjoys fundraising on local levels that directly benefit those in need. In addition to Citizens 4 Humanity, April has contributed greatly to the many children's organizations by raising funds that have helped numerous people over the years.

Alanna Quinn

Community Outreach Director Alanna Quinn is a seasoned counselor and director of one of the communities largest drug and alcohol facilities. With great compassion and insight, she understands the importance of meeting even the most basic needs of individuals in order to establish well being. We are extremely grateful to Alanna who works around the clock and year round to serve others.