If you know anybody struggling and is in need, please direct them to Citizens 4 Humanity. Nobody deserves to go hungry or without the necessities. As Citizens 4 Humanity we connect people to resources they need. We are committed to “people helping people”!

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Donate to feed one or more families. Each dollar goes directly towards the food purchasing costs. Your support directly determines how many families we can feed this year.

We have a long and growing list of families provided by local community groups and schools. With your help we can reach our goal to feed 50+ families throughout the holiday season. From small to large families, your donation will benefit more than you can imagine!

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Time is the most valuable possession that we have. If you have a desire to serve, we have a mission for you! As a Citizen 4 Humanity, you can help pick up donations, cook in the kitchen and deliver food directly to families doors. Call today to sign up and start helping others!

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Our Message

Citizens 4 Humanity are “people helping people”. Our goal is to become aware of each local person in need village by village and provide resources to help them. As chef’s and founders, we have primarily focused on provided food provisions during the holidays. However there have been donations of necessities made to individuals with clothing, electronics, furniture, etc based on expressed needs. C4H is known for quick response in rallying the local volunteers in the exact moment of needs. Our community leaders like that they have a referral source to send people in need to. Our recipients love that they can call us anytime of the day/ night and we will make all efforts to ensure that they receive immediate attention. Our advantage is that we have a local network that can act fast.

Citizens 4 Humanity is a local “grass roots” organization. Our operations are simple and transparent. Unlike large corporate non-profit organizations, our sponsors and supporters can easily see where their donations and efforts go. We have a simple step by step process and offer a high level of discretion.

Citizens 4 Humanity has proudly been recognized by the local media/ news for our efforts. We have received numerous accolades from individuals who recognize the love and personalization that goes along with our mission. Local farms have been our largest supporters and we give them a great deal of credit. We love our sponsors and they appreciate us! Everybody has an excess of what somebody else might have.  As Citizen’s 4 Humanity, we feel it is our obligation to share and serve others.